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At The Tunnel Tree Tops we pride ourselves on our continuous belay system, including our secure safe-roller.
With our safe-roller system you are connected to the safety wire at the start of the course by an instructor and continue on the same guided safety wire for the duration of your experience. This means that there is no need for participants to clip on and clip off as they make their way around our course!
We know how adventurous some 6 year old children can be, however, we do require them to be at least 1.2 metres tall to ensure they can fit into our smallest harness and to navigate their safe roller around the course and over the brackets, which are used to redirect the safety wire and anchor this wire to the supporting trees.

These safety features and restrictions allow children aged 6 and up to participate on the high ropes without the need to have an adult accompany them on the course!*

*Please ensure an adult remains onsite throughout the duration of the experience.


Spectators are welcome at The Tunnel Tree Tops, where you can follow the adventurers around the course from the ground in our beautiful woodland walk. There is also a small picnic area near the end of the course where you can watch your participants from as they cross our final rope bridge and zip wire!

Dogs are welcome on site, we just ask that your canine friend remains on a lead and you have the correct means to clean up should there be any parcels left behind from your little companion.

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Important information for your visit!

Your Tunnel Tree Tops experience will last up to 1 hour, this includes securing participants into the safety equipment, listening to a safety brief given at the start of the course by an instructor, 1 lap of the high ropes and zip wire course and de-kitting from the safety equipment at the end of the session.
Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the start time of your booking, to ensure your session can begin on time. If there is time to spare in the session, participants may be offered a second lap of the course.
Late arrivals will result in reduced time on the course or may lose their place in the session.


Per session (High ropes)

Adults - £15
Juniors - £10
     Families (2Adults 2 Juniors) - £45

Junior 6-16 years old

To participate you must be 6+ years old
and at least 1.2 meters tall.
You must not exceed 18 stone/115kg.


  Group Bookings: Schools, Guides and Scouts - please visit our group booking page or call us on 07776508106 for more information.

If you would like to book a private session, proceed through our online portal, see 'Private' and select 'book entire activity (private event)'.


For further information visit our Group Booking page or contact us.

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 Neck Warmer/ Face Covering

Complete the look for your experience with The Tunnel Tree Tops Bandana - A neck warmer that can be used as a face covering!

Our branded antimicrobial neck tube bandana can be worn in 15+ ways, including as a cloth face mask/ covering. The antimicrobial technology in the fabric helps protect against microbes and bacteria.

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Grip Gloves
Not just for keeping your hands warm! Help your climbing game with our branded MAGIC grip gloves (1 size really does fit all!!)

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