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As a small business, we firmly believe that a simple act of kindness can change our local community for the better - one step at a time.

That is why we have chosen to support a charity partner this 2023 season, to try and help improve the lives of others. We have chosen to partner with the YMCA store in Bridport, to target helping young people in the community.

About the YMCA, England & Wales

"YMCA believes in fairness and opportunity.

There are essential building blocks for a full and rewarding life: a safe home; acceptance; guidance; friendship; physical and mental health; academic support; employment skills; and access to real opportunities.

Many young people have never known these things; other people have lost one or more as they grew up, but we all need them. All of us.

At YMCA, we provide these critical foundations for a fresh, strong start for young people and a better quality of life in the community."


How does it work?

The process for donations is very simple. 

If you are planning a visit to us and wish to make a booking, you can ask us to donate £1.00 of the cost of that ticket to the YMCA (Bridport store) by simply entering 'YMCA' in the "Where did you hear about us?" box.

Once you have completed your session, your donation request will be automatically flagged in our system and we will arrange for the donation to be gifted. 

Example of what to put in the 'Where did you hear about us' box.

Want to know more about the YMCA?

If you would like to find out more information about the fantastic work done by the YMCA you can contact them in branch, online at their website or even via social media.

Please find a few helpful links below:

Donate - YMCA England & Wales

Volunteer in a YMCA charity shop - YMCA England & Wales

Bridport Charity Shop - YMCA England & Wales

(1) YMCA Bridport Charity Shop |
Bridport | Facebook




YMCA ENGLAND & WALES is a registered charity, details included below.

YMCA Registered Company No: 73749
YMCA Charity No: 212810


Tunnel Tree Tops Ltd endeavour to help the community by providing sponsorship whenever we possibly can!


There are so many good and worthy causes out there, being ran by armies of extraordinary people, that unfortunately we cannot support them all.


To those special individuals who are fighting for opportunity, change, funding and raising awareness of a whole host of charitable causes we wish you all of the best in your amazing efforts.

We have listed a selection of our larger 2023 sponsorship events and their stories. 

Jurassic Fields promational banner 2023

Jurassic Fields will take place on Friday 14th, Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th July in Bridport, Dorset. Set up as a not-for-profit organisation, they support the tremendous musical talent that exists in Bridport and West Dorset.

The festival, now in its eighth year, is well established and proving to be one of the best in the south of England. With over 4000 visitors, including people as far afield as Ireland and Scotland, a large population make a holiday of their visit. With great support coming from the Bristol and south coast areas, this is something that can only have a positive effect on the community and the local businesses in the area.


Short term, Jurassic Fields Festival aim to provide a community event celebrating music.

The long term objective is to ultimately provide the capital to set up a local, professional music studio and rehearsal hall run by volunteers, allowing the sourcing and provision of grants to enable local musicians to further their careers.


There is also hope that the festival will act as a model for other communities in supporting their local musical talent.


We are pleased to say that we have already fulfilled our short term goals by the establishment of the festival which is providing a community event celebrating music. This has given a tremendous number of local musicians the opportunity to perform in a professional setup, including youth music, with an array of teenage bands and solo teenage artists given the chance to display their talents.

Having established ourselves with the continued support of our sponsors, we are looking to push on and achieve our long term goal which we believe 
will not only enhance the community socially, but also economically.

Round Table Logo Banner

Who are they?

The Round Table are a non - prophet organisation who raise over £4 million each year and dedicate 160,000 volunteer hours to good causes!


The organisation was originally created for individuals who identify as male between the ages of 18 and 45, whilst the sister organisation Ladies Circle is open to individuals who identify as female of the same age. 41 Club and Tangent represent the interests of members over 45 years old.


Round Table is a truly international organisation (RTI) with over 30,000 members in 60 different countries.

Bridport Round Table - The Mission

Bridport Round Table supports people, causes and businesses within Bridport and its surrounding villages and towns. We are 100% devoted to helping local people, either in times of need, or helping them to build assets or services for the community.

By supporting us you will be directly contributing to the wellbeing and success of the town and its environs, and helping us to make Bridport stronger than ever!
0121 456 4567 

The Tunnel Tree Tops Sponsorship - Round Table Event

Bridport beer festival image

Friday 16th June From 6.30pm Until Saturday 17th June Ending At 11pm  

(Entry over18s only)


The upcoming beer festival is set to feature a wide selection of beers and ciders, from quirky and exotic options to local favourites. But if beer and cider are not your preference, fear not! There are still plenty of options to choose from, such as expertly crafted cocktails, refreshing fruity Pimms, or quality wines.

As always there will be live music, starting on the Friday evening with what promises to be an incredible performance by masters of the stage, Stylliano, and then onto Saturday where it will be open-mic during the day, followed by performances in the evening from crowd favourite Shelby’s Elbow and rock covers super group Double D Junior. So whether you’re a beer enthusiast of just looking for a fun evening out, this festival has something for everyone.

All profits get put straight back into the community.

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